Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Since summer school I have done very little, partly as we had the wettest summer for a century here and it made havest long, difficult and unprofitable! We only finished cutting the last of the wheat in mid september - at least 3 weeks later that usual.
I am moving on to Chapter 12 of module 1 - Towards an embroidered item and using some of the shapes etc from summer school.
For the sample above I cut up a piece of covered vilene into shapes relating to my stacked boxes, cut out the same shaped holes in meltable felt and then stitched the whole lot with stacked box lines. Then I zapped it.

Strips of stitched boxes and cut out box shapes in layers colours.

I had thought of making an enoromous lampshade as I need on in the house but am not sure if it would be a fire hazard! I may just stick with a bag!