Sunday, March 29, 2009

I have a really tiny notebook for visits to galleries etc and for
stray notes.
Still Life with Lemons and Oranges. Melendez

Still Life with Glass and Lemon. Picasso 1910

I went again for a family visit and fitted in a visit to the National Gallery and their exhition on Picasso and his interpretations of other paintings by great masters. It was brilliant, and one of his still life paintings was an interpretation of the sister painting by Melendez to the one that I am using as a theme, and hangs beside it in the National Gallery.

This month I was very lucky and had two trips to London. The first was a day trip with my sister in law. Ryan air makes it cheaper to fly to London for a day trip from Cork than to take a train up to our capital city Dublin, which is plainly daft but there it is. We went to see an exhition of hats at the Victoria and Albert Museum and it was brilliant!


Fibrenell said...

Oh, how wonderful to get to the V&A I do envy you, the hat exhibition looks great. I love the cut away pages of boxes in your sketchbook. I did a cutaway in mine with tree branches, then took photos from strange angles through the pages and got more ideas - worth doing!

Penscombe said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! Unfortunately I jumped a whole chapter of Module 1 by mistake so not rattling through as fast as it looks. Your little sketchbook pages are wonderful: I am very bad at using my sketchbooks. Somehow I have to try and make it a habit not a chore. I am inspired by your idea of using cut aways and will definitely try this out as I think it would work well for a tree theme.