Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I have not got a lot done this month, although I have been getting used to my new sewing machine and finishing a piece for an exhibition with the Cork Textiles Network.


I have been dyeing fabrics and gathering up the work on colour samples - I am using an A2 portfolio to mount them.


1.7.2 this is very zappy felt and gesso - done in a workshop with Maggie Grey in Dublin which was brilliant fun.




I have started work on the design chapters and have looked at Line, Texture, Shape and colour in different elements of my painting. I have made little card studies of each and then selected what I think are the three I will go on to look at. The next stage is to combine all or 2 of these elements and see if a design emerges. This is not the approach in the module but I am going to try it before starting work on the suggested options.


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